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Tempranillo, Tinta de Toro, Bodegas Farina

US Trade group visits Farina´s prime Tempranillo site in Toro

Tempranillo, tinta de Toro, farina

Tempranillo vines in its early stages of growth

Tempranillo is undoubtely Spain´s most famous and loved grape varietal but it is known across Spain by many different names. In Toro, Tempranillo is locally known as Tinta de Toro. Tempranillo has adapted to the extreme climate and sandy/clay soils and has adapted to such an extent that farmers thought it was a completely different Spanish grape varietal.
Tinta de Toro produces a much smaller berry than Tempranillo from other parts of Spain. It has thicker skins with greater skin to pulp proportion producing wines of intense color, tannin and structure.