We are organising special “insider” guided visits during the harvest on the 22nd and 29th of September and the 6th, 12th and 13th of October. The program will begin with a visit to two vineyards where visitors can see first hand how the vines are harvested both mechanically and by hand! Visitors will have unique access to Farina and will see how the grapes picked in the morning arrive at the winery. Our objective is to offer consumers the chance to get to know and particpate in the whole winemaking process from the origins in the vineyard, the most important part of the whole process. We have created this limited All Access guided tour in Toro with the objective of helping wine lovers understand the importance of the vineyard and how the grapes are grown.  Experiencing the atmosphere in the vineyard at this magical time is fantastic. Whistle while you work or sing as you work comes to mind as teams of grape pickers sing traditional harvest songs to help them get through the day. Of course visitors will have the chance to pick their own grapes before joining a team of grape pickers for the essential light refreshments in the vineyard (wine, grapes and cheese)! They will also be able to observe machine harvesting that uses Fariña´s unique platform that takes the winery to the vineyard. Thanks to stainless steel tanks full of inert gas the grapes are protected within minutes of being harvested and then transported to the winery at the correct temperature. A hearty lunch at Fariña´s dining room in the Toro winery is included in the visit and is comprised of a mouth watering pork rib stew followed by stewed beef with vegetables and local nuns cakes all paired with a selection of Fariña´s wines. Places are limited. The total cost of the visit is 30EUR.


9:30- Meet at the winery in Toro

10:00 – Hand harvest in the traditional vineyards in Toro

11:30 – Aperitif in the vineyard of grapes, wine and cheese.

13:00 – Machine harvest

14:00 – Winery visit

15:00 – Lunch at the winery followed by grape juice tasting